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~  Blessings, Diane

Vision-impaired with glaucoma all her life, Rose became blind as a result of an accident in 1984, a mere four days before she was to undergo a cornea transplant. Not only has that condition not slowed her down, Rose has used it to serve as a means to motivate others to achieve their true potential.

She has used her lack of sight as a springboard to give motivational talks both within and beyond the context of her ministry, Rose of Sharon Ministries. "The way I look at it, if I can do what I have done, without sight, how much can you do?" she said.

Her achievements are considerable. Even without sight, Rose was heavily involved in the Nashville music scene as a journalist covering the various aspects of, and personalities in, country music.

Rose's music connections have resulted in quilts being sold to such personalities as country music legend Loretta Lynn. "The quilt I made her used to hang in her gift shop," Rose said.

And that's not all. "President Bush has one of my quilts hanging up in the office of his ranch in Crawford, Texas," Rose said proudly.                                                    [
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Here is Diane's 2015 WISH List


Check out some of Diane's



Here are some supplies that are always needed:


  • 2 or more yards of solid cotton colors, all different shades of the rainbow!


  • I also need several yards of blue with clouds,


  • Christmas snowman and other Christmas prints (cotton)


  • several yards of Wonder Under




  • I go through a Lot of white and black thread (cotton) and all-purpose thread in all colors so I need that as well!

The Rose of Sharon Ministries relies on the generosity of the faithful to help pay an Assistant and cover travel expenses.  All amounts, great or small, are a blessing for which Diane is eternally grateful.

Diane is SO BLESSED to be able to travel around the country and speak to groups.  Check out her SCHEDULE!

Diane was proud to have received the Barbara Jordan Media Achievement Disability Award!


Diane has created more than 800 quilts in the last 14 years, and now hopes to reach her goal of making 1,000 quilts by her 15th anniversary! She would like to lease out for display her 600th quilt, called the Gallery of Presidents, and her 700th quilt, the I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag. Since the first time the I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag quilt was displayed to the public, audiences have stood up and said the Pledge of Allegiance. Please contact her for fee amounts and requirements. Also, keep watch for the next 100th quilt (the 800th, 900th, and so on), because Diane has promised that they will be unusually special!


To call Diane directly:  (254) 799-7990

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